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Railways Control Center

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Información del proyecto:

“Sencillo como la paloma, astuto como la serpiente”. (Mateo 10:16).

Área :
2.031,13 m2
Fotografía :
Fernando Alda
Selected project in the XI Bienal de Arquitectura Española

Description and credits

The building is categorical on its implantation, an auxiliar plot nearby the Albacete station railways.

The proposal gets presence without stridencies, with discretion.

The building has to solve a multiuse program; it also has to be a very symbolical landmark.

This independent volume integration has allowed its distribution on the plot, in relation with its nearest surroundings; the highest block is situated in front of the railways, and now it’s been a referent from every point of view. The rest of the blocks, lower from the first, establish a relation with the rest of the technical buildings and help to reorder the area.

The plans show the specific interactions between the modules that compose the building. There are technological reasons for the measurement and distribution of every single space and the relation among them is not casual responding to an implicit order.

The materials are used to emphasize the character of the modules. Vertical ridges texture the concrete walls of the lower blocks and the perforated and stamped steel is reserved for the higher part, light in both senses.

Structurally had to find a solution able to cover a span over 25m long as well as make a plane bearing roof slab for the machinery. An isostatic prefab-prestressed concrete structure was elected, with rectangular pilars and omega section framework-beams. The railway control operators activity is 24h long, and is because of this that the main space must be designed with the best ergonomic, climate and lightning conditions. To achieve it the control room has a double height and all the offices look at the screens with no restrictions in the ground floor and the mezzanine, and also a very accurate lighting system and a precise air conditioning system were deployed.

The building is a new standard and benchmark to this type of building worldwide, in line with the Spanish High Speed Railway.