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Description and credits

the development of this project with the purpose of providing a simple and effective architectural solution for the needs that arise are facing.
The plot is occupied by the existing building of about 200m² and leaves two free on both sides of the building areas. These two zones are selected to expand the building, with two geometrically modules that adapt to the available surface.

The concepts of departure for the development of this project are:
• Capitalize on the capabilities of the plot and the existing building.
• Keep the system constructive type technical buildings for the implementation of enlargement. Suffer only slight constructive adaptations necessary to develop the proposal
• Keep the qualities of the type technical buildings for the execution of the expansion and refurbishment of the existing building.
• Distribution of spaces according to their performance, grouping zones according to use.
• Decreased routes and public areas.
• Redistribution of surfaces according to the experience in other high-speed sections.
• Inclusion of a room according to maintenance criteria.
• Aesthetic integration of the existing building stock with wide, creating a unified image.
• Keep the vial by the other party to track so that there are two distinct areas of entry to the building.
• Minimising actions on the existing building.

The materials used are textured precast concrete and galvanized steel.
The distribution of spaces is done by grouping stays according to use. In the westernmost piece of technical block rooms dedicated to energy, concatenated together and close to the center of sectioning Rush public stands. The existing building, the central prism, is intended to other technical rooms, maintaining a communication corridor that runs between the two lines of pillars of the existing structure and that can join the pieces together. In the easternmost all rooms intended for maintenance are located.,es
Actions with respect to the existing building are the preconditioning to leave the bulk volume, renovation of facilities, reconfiguring hollows to the outside leaving only those needed for precision air conditioning and a facelift, removing existing elements (lights, gates, metallic elements, ...) and giving a surface treatment to the concrete block with which it is built.